Wealth Planning


Ask any successful person and you will learn that success isn't achieved overnight.
It's the same with your finances: it takes a plan, implementation and maintenance.



In the first few months, we will meet two or three times. During these meetings we will discuss what is important to you. We will then gather and review all relevant financial information such as tax returns, investment statements, insurance policies, estate planning documents, income documents, employee benefits, liability statements, etc.

Once we both have a clear picture of your current financial situation and your future goals, we will analyze, evaluate and develop an implementation plan to help you achieve these goals.


Over the next few months, we will review the implementation plan together and develop a timeline that prioritizes the action steps. There may be multiple 401(k)s from previous employers that need to be consolidated, additional meetings with an estate planner, transfer and rebalance of investment accounts, additional insurance policies that we recommend you obtain, etc. Each step requires careful thought and consideration and should be implemented in the correct order.


Life will no doubt throw changes your way. We will help you be proactive and take advantage of the opportunity these changes may present. For many of our clients we become like an honorary family member. We make ourselves available at any time and partner with you when meeting other professionals (accountant, estate planner, attorney, etc).

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